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-Underwater Photography 

We are underwater videography specialists. Our founder began his production career under the water. We are the best underwater production facility in Florida, period. We supply knowledgeable and capable underwater photographers and videographers, underwater filming equipment, boats, diving gear, lighting, etc., all at reasonable prices. We will also manage your underwater project from start to finish.


 Our production services include:


-Post Production

art sound booth, music production and mixing equipment and three editing suites available. And these will soon be expanded to six editing suites. Construction is ongoing. We also have the best team in the business, including producers, graphic artists, animators, editors, musicians, etc.


 -Studios & Event Spaces 

Our studios and event spaces are ready to be customized to suit your unique requirements. Our entire facility has drive-in access, is located on waterfront property and is versatile enough to give you that tropical feel or whatever ambience you may desire. Our backlot and production stage are easily converted to event space. And our nine bathrooms ensure there is no competition for those very valuable facilities. Our production facility also includes three fully furnished kitchens and two outdoor bars to satisfy any and all requirements.


 -Guest House   

You’re an out of town producer or director? Why not stay at our very comfortable, on property fully furnished guesthouse? That way you can work as late as you wish and then walk only a few short steps to the comfort of your waterfront accommodation.


-Equipment Rental  

We have the latest technology currently available anywhere. That includes two helicopter drones for aerial filming duties, eight brand new 4K cameras, including underwater housing for use when filming scenes deep beneath the ocean. Of course we have all the other standard items, including lighting, specialty lighting, still photography cameras, tripods, etc. We also have 2 production boats and 2 production trucks. Our production boats are the only go-fast production boats in the industry, built from the designs of the legendary Don Aronow.


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