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Francisco "Pipín" Ferreras

Pipin is an independent producer, cinematographer, writer, and director. He is an expert in ocean and underwater films. He has directed and written over 50 documentaries throughout his career, which began over twenty years ago in the Italian Television Industry. Pipin also produced documentaries for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the Spanish Television Network. He has worked alongside many well recognized producers and directors around the world and continues to do so. At the present time he is working as an advisor for a movie based on his latest book “The Dive”. The movie is being produced by James Cameron (Director of Titanic and Avatar) to be released in 2014. Pipin also shoots music videos, television commercials, reality TV, film, travel, nightlife, mainstream, extreme sports, actor reels, comedian reels, musician reels, model reels, trailers, promos, demos, etc.

Barry Josephson

Barry Josephson is an American film producer and former music manager. Josephson was responsible for such hits as In the Line of Fire (1993), Bad Boys (1995), Men in Black, Air Force One, The Fifth Element, and Anaconda (all 1997). Before moving to Columbia, Josephson worked with Joel Silver of Silver Pictures on Die Hard 2 and Predator 2 (both 1990), earned executive producer credit on both Ricochet and The Last Boy Scout (both 1991), and oversaw production of 14 episodes of the HBO series, Tales from the Crypt. In 1997, Josephson announced his resignation from Columbia Pictures. He had entered into a partnership with director Barry Sonnenfeld and they signed a three-year production deal with The Walt Disney Company. Under Sonnenfeld Josephson Worldwide Entertainment, the duo created numerous film and television productions such as Wild Wild West (1999), Fantasy Island (1998) TV series, Big Trouble (2002), The Crew (2000) and Secret Agent Man (2000). Josephson is a founding member of Comic Relief, hosted by Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg, and the comedy concert, which has raised millions of dollars to aid the plight of the homeless. Josephson has also played pivotal roles in the creation of the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival, the Commitment to Life Benefit (supporting AIDS Project Los Angeles), and the Heart of Austin Film Festival.

 Orlando Villella

A skilled and talented entrepreneur, Orlando’s vision as a producer is to bring together the best, most passionate and most creative photographers and videographers in south Florida to form a team focused on client service, attention to detail and creativity. As an aspiring actor in his youth, Orlando attended New Faces Acting School in Milano, Italy where he earned a role in “Cinecitta”. He then went on to the Teatro Di Pisa where he studied Stage Combat, as well as Movement under the tutelage of Luigi Givinazzo and Acting with Francesca Marchesi. Orlando was also introduced to the world of modeling at New Faces Modeling. He was the subject of some of Greg Gorman’s photography in Los Angeles, eventually appeared in Ocean Drive Magazine and also appeared in the “Dressed To Kilt” Red Carpet in New York with Donald Trump. His film credits include lead in some episodes of the reality TV show “Brooke Hogan Knows Best”. He also appeared in “My Big Redneck Family Vacation”.

Nina Melo

Nina Melo is a top model, actress, talented photographer and graphic designer. She is the one behind the image of the company and takes care of every graphic aspect of our work. She is also an experienced project developer, capable multi tasker and excellent client relationship specialist who consistently achieves outstanding results. She has received multiple photography awards over the course of her career, and  now she is a proud member of the Camm Production team.

Carlton Buller

Carlton is an author, poet, motivational speaker, freelance writer and transformational specialist. He is on a personal quest to help those who have been programmed to fail to find their passion and their purpose, develop the habit of success, accelerate their personal, professional and financial growth, and become all that they were meant to be. He advocates passionately against child abuse and is totally dedicated to helping survivors heal themselves and find lasting peace.

He has authored 3 books, Stolen Innocence: The autobiography of a lost soul, Mystic Musings, and Beyond Survival Book 1. He’s also created 2 eBooks, The Habit of Success: How survivors and others can bridge the gap between failure and success, and Versed in Transformation: Guiding principles and lessons from a successful transformation journey. He will soon be releasing a home study course titled, How to Find Success When you Have Been Programmed to Fail.

In 2011, he began writing freelance articles and web content for Pipin. The mutual respect developed between the pair soon evolved into an agreement to write video scripts, promo material for Pipin’s Shape Quest Nutritional Products and eventually an offer to write the script for the upcoming reality TV show, Hunting the Abyss and its companion coffee table book by the same name. He is also the narrator of the reality TV series, Hunting the Abyss.

Javier Navas

Javier Navas is a professional, multi-talented 3d/2d artist who has great experience in Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Specialty, 3d/2d animation, and Video editing.  As part of the Creative Team of Camm Productions, he produces highly creative and mind blowing graphic works and stunning animations. He is very detail oriented, versatile and always dedicated to outperforming all expectations.

Dr. Maritza Fuentes

Dr. Fuentes received her medical degree in 1991 from the University of Havana, Cuba. While she was studying medicine, she was concerned with understanding how the human body works, how diseases arise and how to prevent them. At this stage of her life, she had set very specific and important goals such as utilizing her career to help others and one day having her own line of natural products and vitamins.

In February 2003, Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami proclaimed February 19 Dr. Maritza Fuentes day in recognition of her performance as a doctor, journalist and successful entrepreneur. On March 8, she was also recognized by "The Batten Project" for her hard work and support during "Batten week." And in July this year, she was recognized by the American Cancer Society for her continued support of the development of the Hispanic Initiative.

During the years 2002 to 2005, she devoted her time to making radio programs on Univision Radio aimed at improving the lifestyle of the Hispanic community, work that complements her daily capsules on Univision newscasts in Miami and other cities affiliated with Univision Television and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Maritza Fuentes is now one of the most prominent figures on Hispanic radio and television. Her credibility and career success are due mainly to her honest and dedicated efforts.

Lulo Perez

Miami and Los Angeles based producer and writer/arranger Lulo Perez is a six time Grammy award winner. He is what you'd call a versatile and gifted musician. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (Trumpet, Flugelhorn and keyboards), he works with artists and bands to create timeless albums.

Reid Mack

Reid Mack is a financier and entrepreneur. In the past several years, Mack has focused on consulting with business owners on implementing strategic business plans for growth and to accomplish business goals. Although he possesses a broad knowledge of business in general, he has been particularly active within the financial services, entertainment and technology sectors. He has a comprehensive understanding of finance, participating in everything from micro lending to a hostile takeover attempt of a publicly traded company. Mack has a business degree from University of Miami.  He has been quoted and covered on business matters, regarding his own deals and those of others in numerous media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and South Florida Business Journal.  Mack has held positions of business development and lending at institutions with assets ranging from $6 million to $2 trillion. Throughout his career, Mack has shown an entrepreneurial spirit, founding and selling several companies.

Lawrence Soto

Lawrence Soto is an entrepreneur and real estate executive. His varied career includes business development, international business consulting, management and sales.  Soto has developed an ability to make outstanding use of his personal and professional network to accomplish goals. Soto holds a Business Degree from the University of Miami with majors in Management and Finance.  He is Licensed in Florida as a Real Estate Broker, as well as a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and National Association of Realtors. Soto is a former Account Executive for two National Lenders where he was responsible for millions of dollars in monthly funding.

Jiva G Das

Jiva is an entrepreneur who is skilled in "digital business development". His career experience includes web development, search engine optimization consultant, internet marketing, management and sales. Jiva is also CEO of Garuda Marketing Express.

Rasik Ananda

Rasik has been producing documentaries and innovative media for the past 15 years. He is an avid adventurer and explorer. Having circled the globe more than a half dozen times on assignment he has an acute capacity to synthesize diverse perspectives into a compelling visual message. Specialty: Branding & Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, FX, Creative design, Copy Writing, Editing, Production.

Martin Kopecky

Curiosity / Creativity / Quality / Tenacity Martin is multi-talented entrepreneur with formal education in physics / electronics and studied at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Martin's extensive experience in audio-visual projects, internet and communication technologies as well as in research & development, serve as an ideal launchpad for production success. Some of Martin's satisfied clients include: Football America, Sports International, Fluke Networks, DHL, Embassy of Slovak Republic, Embassy of Azerbaijan, Action Aid, IRD, Toll Brothers, Senator Bob Kasten, Maslow Media Group, Orlando Brown, Carolyne Roehm ... “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Jvala Kopecka

Jvala is skilled in all areas of creative expression, with an emphasis on writing and visual art. She has recorded numerous albums as a backup vocalist and is presently working on her own album and book. Her main passion is communicating truth with compassion. After apprenticing with Dr. Karen Silberstien, one of the world's most effective energy workers, she now has her own practice. She specializes in releasing severe trauma and childhood sexual abuse recovery. Her skill with creative and intuitive problem solving lends itself to marketing and production, and as a wife and mother of three boys, her sense of humor and commitment to getting the job done are very developed.