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The Challenge of Science

3 week scientific and training expedition to design the training program for my final No Limits record breaking dive next year.

Upcoming Documentary

Underwater Life

Filming for IMAX... Camm Production delivers cutting edge technology

Pipin Ferreras filming for IMAX

Hunting the Abyss - Reality TV Show

Extreme free diving in some of the most scenic ocean environments. Experience the rush of the hunt, as novices learn and compete to set new spear-fishing world records.

Hunting the Abyss

James Cameron & Pipin Ferreras

Working close to a genius... Camm Production steps forward...

Working with James Cameron

High Definition on Equipment Technology

We have the top of the line equipment... Camm Production unleashes the power of high definition...

Film & Photoshoot

High Definition Animation & Graphics 4K

The new CAMM Productions headquarters and production compound

The new CAMM Productions

High Definition Productions 4K

NEW CAMM Productions headquarters and production

Fishing Tournament Production

True passion... No limits...
The Camm Production Team



For over 20 years Pipin Ferreras and CAMM Productions have been filming, producing and making available unique and original content to viewing audiences worldwide. It all began with beautiful footage of Pipin initially, and then later with his late wife Audrey Mestre, as they pushed the boundaries and set multiple world records in deep, breath hold diving. They simply felt compelled to share the incredible beauty they were witnessing during their underwater explorations.

Soon Pipin was called upon to consult on, appear in and direct documentaries and feature length films all over the world. He has collaborated with luminaries, such as James Cameron and others. Through all that CAMM productions has steadily grown to the point where the company began to take on production projects for others as well. CAMM Productions is now an expanding full service production house with multiple projects in the pipeline.


The new CAMM Productions headquarters and production compound



Pipin In Media